How to Select Best Movers in Nairobi

  1. Why it is Vital to Ask Questions!

We have all heard a bad story about a removals company, so make sure you ask all the right questions before your move. Research companies to select a moving company you can trust.  Make sure you do all you can to assure your confidence in the firm you select.

By reading this useful knowledge section you will find some useful information you should use when choosing your removal company to ensure you do not become a victim on your moving day. Or if you want to save yourself the hassle of finding the right removals company, choose us and we will guarantee high quality here at Cube Movers.


  1. Staff

Staff is an important part of any business, especially a removals business. Making sure a company adheres to legal legislation will protect you if anything happens to go wrong with your removal project. Have a read of the points below to protect yourself once you make the decision to use a removal company.

  • Are their members of staff trained?
  • Are their staffs uninformed?
  • Will the movers who work on your move be casual, contractors or are they fully employed? Casual workers are less inclined to worry about your possessions.


  1. Removals Equipment

Ask the removals company what size vehicles they have. There are a lot of man and lorry companies with small Lorries which are not in good nick.  It’s no good them having a transit lorry for removals, it is vital to have the correct vehicle when completing your move.

Ask the removals company if they supply boxes. Some will sell you sets of packing boxes; some will be able to provide them as part of the move.

Check that the removals company has decent equipment such as wrappers to wrap furniture, mattress covers. These pieces of equipment can make the difference between a bad and a good move.

  1. Pre-Move Surveys

Be sure to ask the removals firm to send a surveyor to confirm the volume of your possessions to be moved and also take the time to discuss your requirements. You should not be charged for this visit.

  • Ask if they offer a packing service. Be sure to let them know if this is something you require when you instruct them so they can dedicate sufficient time to complete your packing and include it in your quote to ensure you will be aware of the costs.
  • Ask if they have storage available or if they can recommend somewhere.
  • After the survey and discussing any additional services you require, ask for a full written quotation and a fixed price.
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